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Update From Our Pastor

Beginning immediately, we are going online with all church gatherings. 

·        We will stream at 9:30 Sunday morning on Facebook and YouTube.
·        Children’s ministry will stream at 6:00 pm Wednesday evenings on Facebook.
·        Student ministry will stream at 6:30 pm on Wednesday evenings on Instagram.
·        We are seeking to navigate these temporary changes with wisdom and faith.
·        We believe God has given us Scripture, medical professionals & civic leaders, & we will seek to learn from & honor all of these as we navigate this season.
·        We will continue to be the Church, worshiping, praying and serving. We will be a beacon of hope to a world that needs Jesus.
·        Our food pantry will continue to operate, with minor changes to provide protection for staff and volunteers.
·        If you’re a regular part of FBC, I ask that you consider switching to online giving during this temporary change, to help provide us with the ability to continue in ministry & support staff.
         Click to set-up Online Giving
·        If there are ways your staff or deacons can help you, please let us know.
·        We are praying for you and for God to help all of us point people to Jesus!
After prayerful consideration, we have decided to go completely online for all church gatherings for now. We are frankly still exploring exactly what that means, and our approach to this will evolve as we navigate this temporary change. At a minimum that means that Sunday morning worship will now be online only. We will stream to Facebook and YouTube. If we develop additional avenues for this opportunity, we will communicate these opportunities to you. This will still happen at our normal time, 9:30 am. On Wednesday evenings, Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry will stream online. If you have someone in those departments, you will be receiving additional information from Lora and Patrick. We will seek to continue to partner with you as parents to provide teaching and discipleship for your students. We will work intentionally to creatively to connect with you and your families during this time. This will involve a learning curve for all of us, but we will work our way through this challenge.
Please understand that we are seeking to navigate this time with wisdom and faith. We are seeking to receive the advice of medical professionals and civic leaders, as the Scripture instructs us to honor those in authority.  Given the advice of the medical professionals and the increasingly smaller numbers of gatherings that are recommended, currently 10, we believe it would be ill advised to do anything except make these temporary changes.
Continue to be the church, as we serve one another and look after one another. Check on your neighbors. Pray for one another and look for opportunities to help one another.
We will continue to operate our food pantry and expect that demand for the pantry will increase in the coming weeks. We are looking into ways to provide that ministry and keep volunteers safe in the process.
One favor I would ask is that you consider transitioning your giving to an online giving. Kim and I are changing ours to online today. That way our offering will take place each weekend, even for these weeks that we aren’t able to gather with everyone in worship. This is important for us to continue to provide for staff, shop for the food pantry and provide other ministries. For now, your primary staff plans to keep reasonably normal office hours. For some staff members responsibilities will be somewhat different during this time, but we will all keep engaged in ministry, even if the face of that ministry is a little different during this temporary change. Your intentional giving makes this possible.
If there are ministry opportunities that we can help with or there are ways your staff or deacons can help you, please reach out to us. We are praying for you and for God to give all of us wisdom as we seek to point everyone to Jesus during this time.
Pastor Al

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